Scott Sifton dedicated his life to public service after his family lost everything when he was 15 and growing up in Kansas City. His father lost his job, his family lost the home he grew up in and his parents went bankrupt. Scott decided then to spend his life working to help protect families from hardship.

Scott Sifton

Scott’s career in public service has made an important difference across Missouri. He fought for improved teacher pay and district facilities as a member of the Affton School Board from 2001 - 2010, serving two terms as Board President. Student test performance improved markedly over his tenure.

In 2010, Scott won election to the Missouri House. He then won election to the State Senate in 2012 by defeating a Republican incumbent — a feat rarely accomplished in Missouri.

In the Senate, he led a record 40-hour filibuster of an amendment attacking marriage equality. He also fought to ban lobbyist gifts to legislators, expand Medicaid and protect victims of rape, domestic violence and sexual abuse. Scott filed legislation to rein in the municipal court system, fought Republican efforts to water down Missouri's employment discrimination laws and helped secure passage of the Ferguson Commission’s recommendation on the use of force standard into law. Scott relentlessly filibustered Republican efforts to take the right to choose away from rape and incest victims.

Scott Sifton

He won a second Senate term in 2016, overperforming amidst that year’s Trump wave.

He graduated cum laude from Truman State University in 1996 and received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Michigan Law School in 1999. He practices at OnderLaw, where he focuses on environmental cleanup litigation and fights to help recover taxpayer funds spent combating the opiate crisis.

A dedicated father of two, Scott lives in St. Louis with his son Stephen and daughter Madelyn.